Designed to reach school-age children and educate them about how to interact safely with pets. Topics of discussion include animal health, care, and responsible pet ownership. The goal is to foster in the children a sense of love, respect, and compassion towards animals and each other. We frequently travel to city, county, and private schools as well as popular after-school locations such as the YMCA and Boys & Girls Club.

Group & Adult Education Programs

Offered to special interest groups, both young and old, as well as adults in our community. Topics of discussion are similar in nature to those above but on a more advanced level. Additional topics often include animal control laws, advantages of spaying/neutering, and the emotional benefits of companion animals. We frequently speak to organizations such as the Girl Scouts, Citizens’ Academy, and the Foster-Parent Association.

Non-Profit Partnering

We are proud to be a member of Thomas County Family Connections where we meet monthly with other non-profits and educators throughout the community and try to host a meeting each year. Additionally, we have on-going relationships with our local United Way, Hands on Thomas County, and the Halcyon Home for Battered Women as well as several animal rescue groups.